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Designing strains for bioindustry

StrainBiotech is a consulting company offering a full suite of systems biology services for the improvement of industrial production processes and strains. Using systems biology tools, we identify gene-targets for strain engineering and optimize fermentation media in order to maximize productivity. At StrainBiotech, our leading expertise provide of novel and flexible solutions for the research and manufacturing necessities of our clients.

Phenotype of antibiotic producing actinomycetes isolated from different ecosystems.
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Over 10 years of experience designing systems biotechnology tools for industrial strains

We have proven experience in combining systems biology with metabolic engineering to design new organisms and improving industrial bioprocesses. Our portfolio ranges from E. coli based industrial processes to less conventional industrial microorganisms such as actinomycetes or human and animal pathogens. Our scientific board includes experts in most bacteria and yeast systems. In addition, our team provides custom media formulation and fermentation development to deliver optimal production processes that enhance the manufacture of products including therapeutics, secondary metabolites, bio-fuels, proteins and bio-polymers.

Core metabolic pathways for Natural Product biosynthesis in actinomycetes.
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